Google August 2018 Core Update- traffic drop on my Health Blog

In the beginning of August 2018 when I checked my traffic report, I noticed my Health Blog traffic has dropped significantly. Most of the traffic of my Health Blog came from US and I tried to check if it was a long holiday or something like that. It wasn’t. Then I found a post by Barry [...]

Page builder themes are not suited for content rich sites/blogs

Divi broken page after changing theme

If you have a blog that is content rich and you monetize it with ads, then a page builder designs like Divi,  Beaver and Wix may not be suitable. Page builders are really popular if you wish to build professional looking websites yourself. Even many web developers utilize page builders to build websites that their [...]

How to use your blog to kickstart your career or get the job that you want

If you have recently graduated and is looking for a job, having a well maintained and professional looking blog definitely put you at a distinct advantage especially if you are looking to careers related to content management, PR, social media, sales and marketing. The same goes if you wish to move towards a career to [...]

When you choose to write for others instead for your own blog

Write for others or for your blog?

There are freelance writers who make quite a comfortable living writing for publications, online sites and ghost writing. I have heard about a freelance writer in Malaysia who live on a happy-go-lucky lifestyle where she writes and then use the money she earned to travel.  When it is my personal choice to prefer writing for [...]

Why write for other sites when you can write for your own blog?

At times when you are doing freelance writing for others, you may be tempted to ask yourself: why not I just write for my blog instead of writing for others? This is something I am sharing from personal experience because of my blogs, I have been approached by individuals/companies to write content for them. I [...]

New blog takes time to rank- don’t give up too soon!

Don't give too soon on your blog

Nowadays, it takes time to get your blog indexed and ranked in Google. When you start a new blog or a new subdomain, you would have done all the recommended actions such as submitting to Webmaster Tools, sharing in social media and telling your friends, family, colleagues or basically anyone who listens. It may take [...]

Why do you not earn enough to cover for your site’s hosting

I have operate almost 10 blogs including this blog. 2 of my blogs made more than 90% of my income. The rest do not make enough to cover my hosting. If I had only those site, I would have to either give up, or fight on (but pay hosting out of my own pocket). Why [...]

Ugly sites: Does design matter?

Does your blog design affects the number of page views and time spent on the site? Well, it would depends on the objective of the blog and the purpose your blog serves to your visitors. If the main objective of you blog is to showcase your portfolio, or as an extension of your persona or [...]