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Photos taken with a DSLR would bring your blog to the next level
If you are running a site or blog focusing on photography and design, you may need to feature photos of
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Income tax declaration for Malaysia bloggers & do you need to register as sole prop?
It is that time again of the year where we have to submit for income tax declaration. Do you need
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Why I stopped using Divi theme
As of now, Divi theme is the most popular page builder in the world. Themes using the Divi page builder
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Your pages would show 404 (page not found) in search results if you disabled AMP
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are a great tool for many blogs and sites to consider. Popular sites like CNN.com and
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Should you move niche topics to another domain or subdomain?- Personal experience
As you progress in blogging, there may be different topics that you like to write about which has nothing to
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Caregiver blogger drawing inspiration from mommy bloggers/YouTubers
Mommy and sometimes daddy bloggers work on their blogs time away in their home as their babies and toddlers are
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Pro and Cons of AMP pages- and why I decided to convert to AMP
If you are enabling your site for AMP, your site would load very quickly….which is great…. but AMP would impact
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Even if you cannot pursue your dream, blog about it instead
Many people who cannot earn a living pursuing their interest- for example, enjoying shopping but cannot afford the price, carving
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