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Photos taken with a DSLR would bring your blog to the next level

If you are running a site or blog focusing on photography and design, you may need to feature photos of high resolution pictures. Perhaps if you are displaying your artistic creations and recipe/food blogging, photographs taken with a DSLR with well written posts may provide an advantage over other sites. It also give a totally [...]

Income tax declaration for Malaysia bloggers & do you need to register as sole prop?

It is that time again of the year where we have to submit for income tax declaration. Do you need to declare income tax if you are a blogger? YES, you  must. If you are earning from your blog, for example via advertising (Adsense, third party banners, selling ad space), affiliates or online courses then [...]

Why I stopped using Divi theme

As of now, Divi theme is the most popular page builder in the world. Themes using the Divi page builder and themes are able to build the most stunning websites in the world through visual editor. By using Divi, you do not need to be a web designer to come up with professional looking sites. [...]

Your pages would show 404 (page not found) in search results if you disabled AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are a great tool for many blogs and sites to consider. Popular sites like CNN.com and Pinterest are already on AMP. With a few clicks, ie by downloading the AMP plugin, your site would be on its way to being AMP enabled. Indexing your sites to AMP would be in stages- [...]

Should you move niche topics to another domain or subdomain?- Personal experience

As you progress in blogging, there may be different topics that you like to write about which has nothing to do with your current blog. Our interests and passions would evolve with time. You may start out with writing a lifestyle blog and eventually you may move towards a more specific niche, for example how [...]

Why I initially did not tell friends, bosses and colleagues that I am a blogger

Why I initially did not tell friends, bosses and colleagues that I am a blogger thumbnail

If you have just started a blog or is already a full time blogger and you have begun to tell everyone you know but no one seems to be interested…. do not feel sad about it. Sometimes, it may be better to remain a little low profile when it comes to your blogging life, especially [...]

Caregiver blogger drawing inspiration from mommy bloggers/YouTubers

Caregiver blogger drawing inspiration from mommy bloggers/YouTubers thumbnail

Mommy and sometimes daddy bloggers work on their blogs time away in their home as their babies and toddlers are asleep or while the kids are in school. Unlike a full time blogger at home who do not have children, mommy and daddy bloggers/YouTuber need to adjust their timing around their children, housework, doing groceries [...]

Pro and Cons of AMP pages- and why I decided to convert to AMP

Pro and Cons of AMP pages- and why I decided to convert to AMP thumbnail

If you are enabling your site for AMP, your site would load very quickly….which is great…. but AMP would impact the following: your email signup rate it does not support pop up, javascript or any fancy html that you use on your subscription box your earnings from advertising ….the usual banners, videos and flash ads [...]

Even if you cannot pursue your dream, blog about it instead

Many people who cannot earn a living pursuing their interest- for example, enjoying shopping but cannot afford the price, carving jewelry out of precious stones, building houses….. instead of starting the brick and mortar business, they can blog about it instead. Write about what others do, how to get supplies, show case work of others, [...]

Should you go for free hosting or paid hosting for your site?

So you have decided that you own to create your own website or blog. Now, the next question is …..should you go for free or paid hosting? Free hosting are sites like Blogger (with name blogspot as part of the url) and Wordpress (with name wordpress.com as part of the url). You don’t need to [...]