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Move the top navigation menu below the header using Thesis Theme

By default if you are using the Thesis wordpress theme, when you publish a page/post your site, the top navigation menu is located on top of the site header (or if your site does not have a header image, then it is located on top of the site title and tagline). Personally, I preferred my [...]

Switching Thesis skin from Classic to Pearsonified

I have planned to move specific topics from a more general blog into more specific blogs. Still riding on the Thesis framework for my blogs, I have recently switched from Classic Responsive theme to the Pearsonified theme for some of the newer blogs that I have started. Here are following actions I did for some [...]

How DIYthemes could have better promote Thesis wordpress theme

In this post, I want to share my experience as someone who is aspiring to promote Thesis theme and face roadblocks. Eventually, I am back to putting Adsense ads which would probably feature advertisement from the theme’s competitors. There are things I wish DIYtheme could have done differently to enable us to make promoting their [...]

Thesis theme- mobile responsive themes

Once you have upgraded to Thesis 2.1 and above, your site would automatically be mobile responsive. That means your site would display optimally on all devices including mobile devices and tablets. In that case, what’s stopping you to upgrade? However, many long time users of Thesis wordpress theme (myself included) were first reluctant to upgrade [...]

Why you do not need Thesis Openhook/WordPress Hooks if you are using Thesis version 2.3 and above

Thesis openhook was once a very popular plugin to be used alongside with Thesis wordpress theme below version 2.1. Once you upgraded your Thesis to version 2.1 and above, you would find that the function of the Thesis openhook is not supported. Meaning if you have implemented some html scripts at the hooks, it does [...]

Why I dedicate a section of my site to Thesis wordpress theme

As mentioned in my earlier post, I bought my Thesis wordpress theme under “Developer” package in 2011. That was because I had been so fed-up using all the free themes out there which given a lot of restriction such as little/ no customization allowed, dropping of site performance in Google search due to the hidden [...]

Thesis WordPress Theme Price, and which package to choose (2018)

I bought my Thesis wordpress theme way back in 2011 (version 1.8). It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made for my blogs. It enables a non coder or someone with no background knowledge to be able to be able to customise and design my site. Below are the price of [...]

Why I still use Thesis WordPress Theme across all my sites (2018)

I bought Thesis theme by DIYthemes in 2011 when I had first decided to switch from free to paid theme. Thesis wordpress theme was developed by Chris Pearson. Reason why I bought the theme then was: It was one of the most popular and most promoted theme in the blogsphere The reviews of the theme [...]