Why business owners are reluctant to set up a website

Art and creative business needs a website

I recently spoke to a small business owner who runs an art studio teaching teaching both children and adults. Her studio has this wonderful vibe and she has students that stayed with her for many years. She has a nice photobook showing some children who are painting… and a few boys gathered excitedly to show [...]

Involve Asia Review- affiliate network for bloggers from Asia

Involve Asia affiliate sign up and login page

If your blog gets most of its traffic from US, then you would sign up for Amazon Affiliate program or affiliate networks under Shareasale and Commission Junction (CJ). However, if most of your traffic comes from Asia country, then you may perform better by signing up with affiliate network or programs that features merchants/companies from [...]

7 basic essentials that your company website must have

Mobile responsive

It has been my belief ever since I started my very own first site that if you own a business and plan to increase your customer base, you must have a website. Times have changed and the web world has evolved. But this fact remains. Here are the 6 basic attributes that your website must [...]

Should you remove the date (timestamp) from your blog posts?

Time stamp in blog posts

Nowadays you may notice that a number of blogs does not carry any indication of year, month and date on the blog post’s permalink (link url) as well as on the blog content. This makes it very difficult to tell precisely when the blog post was published and to know if the information is still [...]

Can a blogger from Malaysia make a full time living from blogging?

Malaysian life

The answer to this question is it is quite unlikely if you only rely on blogging to make a living, ie writing articles. If you wish to be able to earn a full time income, then your primary source of income would likely be blogging related but not from blogging and placing advertisements. My story [...]

Photos taken with a DSLR would bring your blog to the next level

If you are running a site or blog focusing on photography and design, you may need to feature photos of high resolution pictures. Perhaps if you are displaying your artistic creations and recipe/food blogging, photographs taken with a DSLR with well written posts may provide an advantage over other sites. It also give a totally [...]

Thesis wordpress theme integration with Elementor page builder

When you are having a Thesis wordpress theme (by DIYthemes), is it possible to combine with a page builder? You may want to use a pagebuilder to build more professional looking sites without the need to know any coding. And if yes, what is the best page builder that is compatible with Thesis theme? First, [...]

Income tax declaration for Malaysia bloggers & do you need to register as sole prop?

Do malaysian blogger need to register as sole prop and declare tax

It is that time again of the year where we have to submit for income tax declaration. Do you need to declare income tax if you are a blogger? YES, you  must. If you are earning from your blog, for example via advertising (Adsense, third party banners, selling ad space), affiliates or online courses then [...]