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Articles related to Thesis WordPress themes by DIYthemes.

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Thesis WordPress Theme:

Thesis wordpress theme integration with page builder (drag and drop)
When you are having a Thesis wordpress theme (by DIYthemes), is it possible to combine with a page builder? You
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Why I stopped using Divi theme
As of now, Divi theme is the most popular page builder in the world. Themes using the Divi page builder
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Move the top navigation menu below the header using Thesis Theme
By default if you are using the Thesis wordpress theme, when you publish a page/post your site, the top navigation
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Switching Thesis skin from Classic to Pearsonified
I have planned to move specific topics from a more general blog into more specific blogs. Still riding on the
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How DIYthemes could have better promote Thesis wordpress theme
In this post, I want to share my experience as someone who is aspiring to promote Thesis theme and face
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Thesis theme- mobile responsive themes
Once you have upgraded to Thesis 2.1 and above, your site would automatically be mobile responsive. That means your site
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Why you do not need Thesis Openhook/WordPress Hooks if you are using Thesis version 2.3 and above
Thesis openhook was once a very popular plugin to be used alongside with Thesis wordpress theme below version 2.1. Once
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Why I dedicate a section of my site to Thesis wordpress theme
As mentioned in my earlier post, I bought my Thesis wordpress theme under “Developer” package in 2011. That was because
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Thesis WordPress Theme Price, and which package to choose (2018)
I bought my Thesis wordpress theme way back in 2011 (version 1.8). It was one of the best decisions that
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Why I still use Thesis WordPress Theme across all my sites (2018)
I bought Thesis theme by DIYthemes in 2011 when I had first decided to switch from free to paid theme.
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Thesis WordPress Tutorials:

How to change the background color of your Top Menu using Thesis WordPress theme
A tell tale sign of a typical blogs/websites developed using Thesis wordpress theme without much customization is the grey color
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How to do a 301 redirect using Thesis wordpress template
Recently, I have been organizing my blog posts- doing a series of posts migration from one blog to another. When
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