On 19th January 2018, I started this blog to migrate my blog articles from my general blog (http://life.yinteing.com/blogging/) to this site.

This enables me to have my posts related blogging, company websites and the Thesis wordpress theme to be on this site instead of all in a general site.

My blogging journey and other blogs

My blogging journey have came a long way. I have started my first site in 2002 via Yahoo Geocities and then progressed to Blogspot. In 2008, I got my paid hosting and in 2011, I switched to paid theme (Thesis wordpress theme). It is a theme that I am still using today.

I used to manage intranet and staff communication for about 10 years in my career which I also dedicate a blog (http://intranet.yinteing.com/) to gradually share my experience.

Blogging has been part of my life for years. When I was blogging part time, I mainly updated content to share what I know with others.

In May 2017, I left my full time job to be a caregiver for my mom, whom I love dearly. I added monetization to my blogs and have been really grateful for the income that I am earning from it.


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