ACCESSTRADE- How to add campaign links

This post provides the step-by-step on how to locate the affiliate links and embed the links into your blog if you are using ACCESSTRADE network.

From the previous post, you would need to be approved by the advertiser before you can link from their page to your blog/website/social media account. Once it is approved, you would then obtain the affiliate links.

How to obtain the affiliate links

From your ACCESSTRADE Dashboard, click on the Campaigns> Affiliated Campaigns (approved advertisers would be listed under Affiliated campaigns section). Scroll to the advertiser you wish to promote and click on the link section as shown below:

AccessTrade add campaign link

A window on this campaign would pop up. There are a few tabs on it. Let’s go through each of the tabs.

Note: In this example, I would like to link to website which is a marketplace website in Malaysia. The guidelines is quite similar with other advertisers as well.


In the details tab, you can see the advertiser name, the start date they register with ACCESSTRADE and campaign type. When you scroll down to Description section, you can read the overview about the company and the detailed T&C of the campaign.

For example, cookies period is 30 days and it rewards based on web and mobile purchases. So if a visitor clicks on your affiliate link and go to website, then makes a purchase within 30 days, you would earn a small percentage of commission as stipulated in the description page.


AccessTrade Advertiser custom creative

This tab contains your unique affiliate link which if a user access to EZBuy homepage from your link, ACCESSTRADE would be able to identify your site as the referring site. Provided the person did not clear his/her cookies on the computer/mobile and makes a purchase within 30 days from clicking on your link, you would earn a small percentage from the commission.


Access Trade campaigns banners

This tab provides any creatives that you can use for your campaign. For example, if EZBuy have a black friday sale (usually in November) or any offers and have a banner for it, you can also embed the banner to your site. When a visitor clicks on the banner, again there would be a cookie lodged which would identify back to your site as the referring site.


AccessTrade custom creative tab

Custom creatives allow you to generate affiliate links to any pages within this website. It is also known as deeplinking. For example, let’s say that I am writing about starting a YouTube channel. You can start with just your phone but good lighting and audio sound quality will improve the quality of your videos. I went to website to search for items that may be useful. So I got the following product to recommend:

Ring light with holder that you can attach your phone to it:

AccessTrade deeplink EZbuy website

The product link in is:

As I am an affiliate for via ACCESSTRADE MY, I can utilize ACCESSTRADE’s platform to generate the affiliate link to a particular page or product.

1.First, I copy the full url from product page. To generate my link, I go to Custom Creative tab and paste in the link:

2. At the “Creative Name”, give it a name that you can identify with. This name will appear in your report. When you have many affiliate links, you would want to know which links converts the best. So don’t just simply put something unclear because this cannot be corrected later.

3. Click on Generate. A custom affiliate link would be generated for you as follows:

After you get the link, you can go to your site to paste the link. If it is a wordpress site, can use the link icon in your WordPress site/blog and paste in your link as follows:

The moment the visitor clicks on it, it will bring you to the same page in EZBuy but this link would carry identifier id that links back to your account with ACCESSTRADE.

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