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Before you can promote any advertisers listed with ACCESSTRADE, you need to submit an application to apply under them. To apply with a listed advertiser, from your ACCESSTRADE dashboard, on the left navigation bar, go to Campaigns> Available Campaigns.

You would be able to view all the advertisers listed that you can apply to. First, you need to make sure you are applying under the correct site/property name.

For example, if you have a website and your Facepage page that you have registered with ACCESSTRADE, if let’s say you wish to include Shopee affiliate links on both the sites, you need to apply separately. Refer to diagram below and the numbered explanation:

Access Trade- apply with advertiser

1. The site listed
If you have registered more than 1 site, then click on the dropdown box to select the correct site.

2. Scroll down to view the list of advertisers available. In this case, I wish to apply with Shopee MY to be an affiliate with them.

3. Place a checkbox next to the advertiser that you wish to apply

4. Click on Apply. You would see a message box below:

Once you click “Yes”, the application would be submitted. A message “You have successfully applied an affiliation with the selected campaign” would be displayed.

Check the list of merchants you have applied:

To view the list of your applied merchant, from ACCESSTRADE’s Dashboard, you can go to Campaigns> Applied Campaigns:

Access Trade application to Shopee MY

How to check the results of the application:

An email would be sent to you to inform of the status of your application (whether successful or rejected).

If the request is approved, it will appear under “Affiliated Campaigns” of your Campaigns tab. Some campaigns or advertisers are approved immediately or within a day. However do note that the advertiser may later choose to review the site manually and decline the approval. In that case, you would find the advertiser no longer listed under “Affiliated Campaigns“.

If the request is rejected, it will appear under “Rejected Campaigns” of your Campaigns tab.

If the status is not yet available, it would still be under “Applied Campaigns” of your Campaigns tab.

Note: You can only start promoting the advertisers that are in the “Affiliated Campaigns” section where affiliate links would be provided for you to link to your posts from your blog, website or social media sites.

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