Receiving my first payout from ACCESSTRADE Malaysia

In October last year, I received my first payout from ACCESSTRADE Malaysia after meeting the minimum payment threshold of RM60. The money was credited to my banking account in Malaysia.

ACCESSTRADE is an affiliate network where they connect publishers like you and me (bloggers, YouTubers, influencers, etc) to various companies such as Shopee, Lazada, Watsons, Zalora, Youbeli, etc. Rather than signing up separately with each merchant and having to understand their system, deal with their customer service and meet the minimum threshold, you only sign up with one company which is known as an affiliate network.

With that, we only need to meet one minimum threshold before payment can be dispersed.

Earlier on I was with another affiliate network when I wanted to try out affiliate marketing. I switched out the links to my blogs to point to the affiliate merchants using the affiliate links provided by the company. Each day, I was sending hundreds of clicks to merchant websites. But hardly any conversions. I then switched back to ads display on my blogs but still maintained affiliate links to merchant pages which I feel it would benefit my visitors.

However, what made me decide to switch were 2 reasons. One was my application to affiliates such Shopee got rejected. Which does not make sense. I was then forced to switched to other alternative sites which was not popular with my visitors and had less selection of items. The final straw came when that affiliate network introduced requirement to get approval for each site url that we are using to promote our products. I submitted urls of my blogs and sites with lower traffic got rejected. I resubmitted, citing reasons why I feel promoting using the site would help but I still got rejected.

This made me look around and it was then I come across ACCESSTRADE. I signed up, submitted my sites and all of the sites got approved. I submitted my request to sign up with Shopee MY and the request was approved the next day. This made me happy because it means I could link to my favourite site which I know will help my visitors. After the approval, I went into my sites and switched all affiliate links from that affiliate network to ACCESSTRADE Malaysia’s links.

I still monetize most of my sites using display ads. However, there are articles that I write and talk about products that help others which I need to specifically point to certain products which are available in Shopee. It was nothing aggressive, just a few links here and there where I feel my visitors will benefit.

From time to time, I would check the links and clicks. Conversions happen on and off- because I link to small price item products.

I could see ACCESSTRADE is honest and legit. When I applied to Shopee with the first affiliate network, the rejection was immediate, almost as if automated even though the site which I placed the link is legit (not spam site) and have a lot of traffic. With ACCESSTRADE, I applied again to Shopee (same merchant) and got approved (it is manual review). I always feel that ACCESSTRADE has given me, a small time blogger a chance to earn a bit of revenue and my nature is that I tend to remember and be grateful to those who have given me a chance. In fact, most of the affiliate conversions that I make is from Shopee MY.

You just need to note that it takes about 3 months for the affiliate commission to be included in your account as in most affiliate networks do.

Friendly and helpful staff

During the beginning stage, I send query to the customer service staff. My query was forwarded to another department and I was contacted by their officers who took the time to answer my queries. They have kept in touch with me ever since. I am just a small time publisher and not an influencer or making a lot of money and yet they would take their time to reply my queries.

Start your affiliate marketing journey with ACCESSTRADE

If you wish to promote products and services from popular merchants or marketplace in Malaysia, I would strongly recommend ACCESSTRADE Malaysia. They would really pay for valid conversions. If you plan to sign up, please use my referral link as it would help me out.


I have included some blog posts regarding to ACCESSTRADE in the sidebar. Hope the articles would be helpful to you. I wish you all the best in your affiliate marketing journey.

I have also signed up with ACCESSTRADE Thailand as you need to sign up separately based on the countries where you wish to promote the affiliate products. ACCESSTRADE Thailand also accepted my application with Shopee TH. I receive emails regularly from the ACCESSTRADE Thailand team – and their emails are in dual language, Thai and English hence no worries about not understanding the country’s language.

As for ACCESSTRADE Indonesia, I have receive inquiries about them. I am not familiar with ACCESSTRADE Indonesia but all I could say based on my experience with ACCESSTRADE Malaysia and Thailand, I would say it is worth signing up for.



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