ACCESSTRADE (affiliate network)

ACCESSTRADE is an affiliate marketing network that offers opportunities for bloggers/ YouTubers/ influencers to work with various brands in Asia. For example if you are a blogger from Malaysia, you can sign up as an affiliate for brands like Shopee MY, EZBuy, Dahmakan,, Watson and Lazada via ACCESSTRADE Malaysia.

Below is an overview about ACCESSTRADE. I will be expanding more on the topics below. Please refer to the sidebar for related topics about ACCESSTRADE. 

Signing up with ACCESSTRADE

You need to sign up separately with ACCESSTRADE of different countries based on the merchants that you are promoting. For example, if you wish to promote Shopee MY and Shopee TH, you need to sign up separately with ACCESSTRADE Malaysia and Access Trade Thailand.

Signing up is free but you would need to provide the URL of the site/social network/ forum, etc that you would be using the promote the merchant products. At the moment, the request is approved immediately (but may be subject to manual review later).

After you listed your site(s), next is to apply to the advertiser to promote their products. Go to the tab Campaigns> Available Campaigns and you would see the listing of advertisers being displayed. Select the advertiser you wish to promote and click on “Apply”. You need to be approved before you can have the affiliate links to be used to promote your products. You application may require about a few days for approval. However from experience, I got most of my advertisers requests approved within a day. Some were even almost immediately.

Once it is approved, you would receive an email to notify you of the approval. If you are using gmail, be sure to check the ‘Promotion’ tab or the spam box for the email. Otherwise, you can also login to your ACCESSTRADE Dashboard to view the approved merchants under Campaigns> Affiliated Campaigns.

After approval, you would be given a unique affiliate link which you can use to link in your posts, video description box, social media shares, etc. The deeplink function is also available via “Custom Creative” where you key in the url from the advertiser that you wish to generate the link, then complete the “Creative Name”. Put in a Creative Name that can clearly tell you what you are tracking because this will be useful when you use it to view your reports.

A link will then be generated by ACCESSTRADE. The link has a long url. You can then use the link to link it to your posts.

How to track your earnings?

When you login each time, the dashboard will show earnings, clicks, conversions, earnings per click. The tracking are in REAL TIME. You can select from the drop down dates in “Period” to see the overview. If you wish to view the full details, go to “Reports” tab. Usually I click on “Creative” to check which one of my custom link is generating clicks/ earnings.

How to receive payments for your earnings?

From what I can see, you need to have a bank account in that country in order to be eligible for payment. There is a minimum payment threshold set for each ACCESSTRADE platform. You need to meet a minimum earnings in order to be eligible for a payout to the bank account that you have specified in your “Account Settings” tab.

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