How to upgrade to the latest Thesis WordPress Theme

Update: DIYthemes have been actively releasing new version of the Thesis wordpress theme for upgrade. As of January 2018, this blog is using version 2.6.

The tutorial below was written using the previous thesis theme versions but the upgrade steps are the same as I am using the same methods to update my Thesis themes.


There are 2 ways to update to the latest version of Thesis wordpress theme:

A. Via direct upgrade option at your WordPress Dashboard.

B. Updating the file theme manually 

A. Via direct upgrade option at your WordPress Dashboard.

Via the upgrade option directly available at your Dashboard after you login to your self hosted WordPress account.

Wordpress dashboard- Thesis upgrade option

By clicking on “Update Now” link, your Thesis wordpress theme would automatically be updated to the latest version.

Note: Sometimes the upgraded version will not work due to reasons such as:

  • your wordpress version is not the minimum version that the theme requires
  • php version of the site is too outdated to support the theme.

B.Updating/adding the latest Thesis wordpress theme for your site:

This would be applicable if you:

  • you are not able to find the option for upgrade in your WordPress Dashboard as you are using a much older Thesis version
  • you have created a new site and wish to install the Thesis wordpress theme

To do this, you need to:

a. Log in your account at If you got the theme from someone else who had bought it, you would need to request the person to help you to download the version for you (that is why it is always a good idea to have an actual account that belongs to you if you are going to be building/updating your site or plan to build more than 1 site).

The download option is under “Helpful links” at “Download Thesis”.

b. Click at “Download Thesis” to download the latest Thesis wordpress theme. By default if you have not changed the setting in your computer, the file would be downloaded at your “downloads folder”. It would be a zip file.

c. Login to your WordPress Dashboard account. Go to Appearance> Themes> Add Themes> Upload Themes. You would see a box on “Choose File”:

Upgrade to new Thesis theme via manual upload

Select the Thesis zip folder that you have just downloaded. Then click on “Open” at the pop up folder. You would see the file name called being listed.

Click on “Install Now”. Wait for a little while as the theme file gets updated. One the theme successfully updated, you would see the screen below:

Click on Activate and your new Thesis theme is updated.

Your Thesis is now successfully updated :):

Upgrade ti new Thesis theme via manual upload

By default, the Classic Responsive Skin will come pre-installed with your Thesis wordpress theme.

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