How to be more focused and productive in blogging and writing by turning off the internet

Being focused the dino way

Staying focused and productive is a challenge that many bloggers and writers face. You would sit down in front of your PC and before you could write, you get distracted in a 101 things. There are some suggestions to turn off your internet connection completely when you are writing and setting your phone to airplane [...]

Can you blog while holding a full time job or still in studying?

Full time job while blogging part time

The short answer is YES but it would come with a price and you must prioritize and be disciplined. I starting blogging on the side for a few years while holding a full time job. That time, I had a dream to quit my day job and turn my passion of blogging into a full [...]

Can Malaysian bloggers make money from Affiliate Marketing?

When you perform a search on how to make money blogging either in Google or in YouTube, you would see lots of articles/videos that points to affiliate marketing as an easy way to make money blogging. They are able to provide proof that they are indeed making money from affiliate marketing. How about for Malaysians [...]

Planning and scheduling your blog posts when you would be away

Scheduling posts

Established bloggers and YouTubers generally try to stick to a fixed publishing schedule for consistency. You would notice that especially with YouTube, after asking you to subscribe if you are new to the channel, it would usually be followed by ‘I publish new content every ___’. The schedule must be something that you can realistically [...]

Organize the journey of your site through a blog progress journal

My blog progress journal

I have been blogging for more than 10 years. There have been time when I needed to go in to redo steps on a site and could not remember how I have done it previously. This caused me to spend a lot of time to search for the steps again- and sometimes I am not [...]

Should you publish your posts immediately or schedule them?

Schedule posts or write as you publish?

Do you tend to publish blog posts as you write them or schedule the posts for future publication? Some bloggers advocate publishing blog posts as you complete them. My personal practice have been to schedule blog posts. At times when I am in the flow and is able to write multiple blog posts, I almost [...]

Enabling SSL (https) is so easy with SiteGround- no drop in traffic

One of the main reasons I migrated to SiteGround hosting is because SiteGround makes it very easy to enable SSL to your site with Let’s Encrypt. Let’s Encrypt provides SSL certification for free with the objective to make websites more secured. After I migrated my database to Siteground and change the DNS setting to point [...]

Migrating your domain name from Media Temple to NameCheap

I have mentioned in my previous post that I have migrated my hosting from Media Temple to SiteGround hosting. Next comes to the site’s domain name. You have 3 options when it comes to your domain name transfer when you are also switching hosts: This is applicable for cases where you have bought your domain [...]