Should a blogger be a freelancer or vice versa?

At some point of your work as blogger, you may reached a crossroad- should you be a freelance writer or a blogger? The same goes for the freelance writer- after all, if he could write for others, why not write for himself? Why would a blogger want to branch out to content writing? 1. Earnings [...]

When you choose to write for others instead for your own blog

Write for others or for your blog?

There are freelance writers who make quite a comfortable living writing for publications, online sites and ghost writing. I have heard about a freelance writer in Malaysia who live on a happy-go-lucky lifestyle where she writes and then use the money she earned to travel.  When it is my personal choice to prefer writing for [...]

Why write for other sites when you can write for your own blog?

At times when you are doing freelance writing for others, you may be tempted to ask yourself: why not I just write for my blog instead of writing for others? This is something I am sharing from personal experience because of my blogs, I have been approached by individuals/companies to write content for them. I [...]