Caregiver blogger drawing inspiration from mommy bloggers/YouTubers

Mommy and sometimes daddy bloggers work on their blogs time away in their home as their babies and toddlers are asleep or while the kids are in school.

Unlike a full time blogger at home who do not have children, mommy and daddy bloggers/YouTuber need to adjust their timing around their children, housework, doing groceries and sending/fetching their children. It is hard to get even 2 interrupted hours to work in peace and quiet. They will always need to plan around their family and home and often…. things may not turn out as planned.

As a caregiver who is taking care of my mom full time, I find a lot of similarities in a way a caregiver and a mommy/daddy blogger need to run their blogs.

I first realized my situation when I find that the friend who I keep mostly in touch is a full time stay at home mom who have to take care of her husband and 3 young boys as well as cooking and cleaning. We used to share our antics and tips over Whatapps chat.

Both of us worked in corporate line before but chose to give up our jobs for our families. At first, I never understood why my friend who is an extremely intelligent and talented lady in IT would choose to become a stay at home mom.

But now, I understand her decision. And I now agree with her that it can get a little irritating when people think that caregivers or stay at home moms have a lot of free time. We really don’t.

Then when I was going through YouTube videos for tips on blogging and other topics of interests such as planning, cleaning and organization, I find myself relating best to mommy bloggers/YouTubers.

Mommy bloggers

Most mommy bloggers have a cheerful and sunny disposition. Like a caregiver, they often have to juggle the different surprises that come daily in their lives. Often things never happened as planned, but it helps to plan to at least have a direction.

In the middle of all the mess and chaos, they could find time to smile, put on makeup and setup, prepare the scripting and make a video with many useful pointers. They could even start a profitable online business and make money from it.

They have given me so much of inspiration to continue my journey as often you can sense the sincerity and warmth that comes from speaking from their hearts.

Each day, I would need to make time and have the discipline to write blog posts amidst caring fo my mom, cooking, cleaning, ironing and grocery shopping. On certain days, I really have no time to switch on my laptop.

On days where I could make it, it would be few hours in the morning after some chores, then lunch, then another short time, then chores, preparing/cooking dinner/cleaning before at night where I am able to find the time. Sometimes by the time I am able to work on my blog I may get too tired and ended up watching YouTube videos for hours.

These are the challenges that mommy bloggers faced too and they can give such a humorous take that their antics and bursts of positive energy often cheered me up considerably.

If you are a caregiver, you can also derive lots of inspiration and motivation from mommy bloggers. Hopefully these blogs would provide you with patience and motivation that often, nothing is perfect and happen as planned. Just as it is not easy to be a caregiver, it is also not easy to be a full time stay at home mom.

Here are some of my favourite YouTube channels featuring YouTubers who are mommies:

Check out a reply from Suzi on “With 2 young children (soon to be 3), how much time do you spend blogging to make your income? How do you fit them into an unpredictable toddler schedule?”

One thing she mentioned is not how much time you have but how you use your time. Make the mental shift of not wanting to have more time but use the time you have efficiently. She is not a morning person but she made it a point to wake up early (which is what I have recently got into as well).


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