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Why Companies Need to Set Up eCommerce Stores

Businesses have suffered tremendously in wake of the global pandemic. No matter how good the products you are offering or how delicious the food you are selling, business is still going to be impacted greatly. If you are a wholesaler who target both business and consumer markets, bulk sales would be greatly reduced as businesses [...]

Moving to YouTube?

Since last June, I have gotten quite active in YouTube and have started making more videos (faceless videos with my voice overs). It begun as an experimentation and I find myself enjoying the process tremendously. I decided to give YouTube a try through something of a chance. What happened was advertisements on video and animation [...]

In Thailand, Facebook and Line are widely used compared to websites/blogs

A Thai friend of mine have a small humble shop located in a relatively rural area that sells mostly beauty products. Her main method of promotion is utilizing Line and Facebook to do the posting. She did a lot of her promotion using Line to post to her contacts. When I asked her if she [...]

Tips for starting a website to increase sales for your company

I was speaking to someone who is involved in the profession of selling second hand cars. It is a family business. Basically each day he would set a target to complete certain posting of cars for sale in Facebook, Instagram and sites like The company does not have an official website. It does not [...]

Why religious and NGOs need to have a proper website

When I google on some places of interest or NGOs, I am surprised that many organizations, including well known ones do not have a ‘proper’ website or web presence.  If you are part of a religious organization or NGO, it is important to set up your own site. What I mean by ‘proper’ website is: [...]

Ugly sites: Does design matter?

Does your blog design affects the number of page views and time spent on the site? Well, it would depends on the objective of the blog and the purpose your blog serves to your visitors. If the main objective of you blog is to showcase your portfolio, or as an extension of your persona or [...]

Why business owners are reluctant to set up a website

Art and creative business needs a website

I recently spoke to a small business owner who runs an art studio teaching teaching both children and adults. Her studio has this wonderful vibe and she has students that stayed with her for many years. She has a nice photobook showing some children who are painting… and a few boys gathered excitedly to show [...]

7 basic essentials that your company website must have

Mobile responsive

It has been my belief ever since I started my very own first site that if you own a business and plan to increase your customer base, you must have a website. Times have changed and the web world has evolved. But this fact remains. Here are the 6 basic attributes that your website must [...]