Photos taken with a DSLR would bring your blog to the next level

If you are running a site or blog focusing on photography and design, you may need to feature photos of high resolution pictures.

Perhaps if you are displaying your artistic creations and recipe/food blogging, photographs taken with a DSLR with well written posts may provide an advantage over other sites. It also give a totally different feeling of class and elevates the blog to a new level and class.

For example, I really admire the blog of a fellow Malaysian (now residing in US), Bee Yinn who owns the Rasa Malaysia blog ( In the blog she shares wonderful recipe with beautiful pictures taken using a DSLR. She has taken a lot of effort in every single post and the food photography is itself work of someone with talent for photography.

Another blog on Malaysian cooking is Nyonya Cooking ( by Grace who is now based in Germany. I have learned a few dishes from her YouTube channel which helped me to cook my first steam chicken, steam tofu and wantan.

Both the blogs above featured very professional photos taken to go with the recipes. Both the blog authors took the trouble to take good photographs to show case the result from the recipe.

The food looked so appetizing and appealing that it inspired you to try it out on your own.

When you invest in a DSLR and constantly learn to improve your photography skills (lighting, aperture, composition, etc), visitors who arrive gets a totally different feel.

Combined together with a good web design, it makes your site looks professional. This could lead on to other good potential such as guest appearance in popular TV shows, being featured in prominent blogs, a book deal or being an authority which you would eventually be able to offer online classes for a fee.

Compare it below with a blog post where I previously have written about some vegetarian dishes that I was cooking: 

The above was taken with just my Samsung A5 phone. Basically it gets the message across, to be able to provide a visual to my visitors as to how the dishes looked like. I wrote the post to share how simple vegetarian dishes could be prepared after finding difficulties sourcing for vegetarian dishes (even if I could find, the dishes were either too expensive, oily or both).


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