In Thailand, Facebook and Line are widely used compared to websites/blogs

A Thai friend of mine have a small humble shop located in a relatively rural area that sells mostly beauty products. Her main method of promotion is utilizing Line and Facebook to do the posting. She did a lot of her promotion using Line to post to her contacts. When I asked her if she [...]

Header image showing up in Facebook shares?

It is frustrating sometimes that the featured image that is displayed together with our blog post share is NOT the image we have intended. Either: nothing shows at all, or showing a horrible truncated version of your blog header, or even though you already set the image via Facebook Open Graph, the image is not [...]

Solve feature image not showing correctly in Facebook shares

Thesis feature image sharing

Feature image option was only introduced in Wordpress version 3.0 replacing post thumbnails of version 2.9. Now, if you are like me who have a number of blogs set up prior to the introduction of the feature image option, what should you do? Are you going to rake through your 1000 or more posts to [...]

Instead of posting on Facebook, why not start a blog and make money from it?

Each day, we spend so much time on Facebook. All you need to do is to observe during your daily commute and see people with their faces buried on their mobile phones….fully engrossed in their Facebook accounts. What you write or post would appear in the newsfeed of some of your friends. Most of your [...]