SiteGround Renewal Pricing for GrowBig package

When you first sign up with SiteGround, there would be a promotional package available at a very low price. I paid about $5.95  per month (it is now $7.95 per month) for 3 years in 2018 via the Grow Big plan. Recently, my hosting is due to renewal. There has been an increase in their [...]

Can Malaysian bloggers make money from Affiliate Marketing?

When you perform a search on how to make money blogging either in Google or in YouTube, you would see lots of articles/videos that points to affiliate marketing as an easy way to make money blogging. They are able to provide proof that they are indeed making money from affiliate marketing. How about for Malaysians [...]

Enabling SSL (https) is so easy with SiteGround- no drop in traffic

One of the main reasons I migrated to SiteGround hosting is because SiteGround makes it very easy to enable SSL to your site with Let’s Encrypt. Let’s Encrypt provides SSL certification for free with the objective to make websites more secured. After I migrated my database to Siteground and change the DNS setting to point [...]

Migrating my hosting from Media Temple to SiteGround

This year would be my 10th year anniversary with Media Temple. For the past 10 years, I stuck to Media Temple because I lacked the technical capabilities on moving sites from one host to another host. With the USD20 that I am paying monthly, the site loading speed was unacceptable. The final straw came when [...]