SiteGround Renewal Pricing for GrowBig package

When you first sign up with SiteGround, there would be a promotional package available at a very low price. I paid about $5.95  per month (it is now $7.95 per month) for 3 years in 2018 via the Grow Big plan.

Recently, my hosting is due to renewal. There has been an increase in their monthly hosting rate. Usually SiteGround would send you an email about a month before your hosting is due to renew to notify you. If you take no action, then the renewal would be done at the monthly rate (highest rate) automatically to ensure no interruption in your site. If you wish to have a lower rate, you would need to manually login to your SiteGround hosting, select the Billing> Renewal tab and then select the renewal packages.

The renewal rate is lower if you sign up for a year or longer.

Below is the renewal pricing for SiteGround Grow Big plan:

  • 1 month- $29.99 per month
  • 12 months- $24.99 per month
  • 24 months- $19.99 per month
  • 36 months- $17.49 per month.  Total: $629.64 if renew for 3 years.

Almost with no hesitation, I have chosen to renew at 36 months with SiteGround.

Why do I choose to renew my hosting with SiteGround:

Actually, I have considered that the 3 years promotional rate that I have enjoyed is really a steal. For the round the clock, friendly and helpful customer service that I have been getting, I almost had felt bad for paying so little during the promotional period.

Mentally I was prepared to pay $19.95 to renew on monthly basis because it was the rate that I had paid my previous hosting company each month. In my previous hosting company,  the service was not so good, my sites were slow in loading and the staff always throw technical jargons and ask me to refer to their knowledge based articles instead of helping me. The last straw was that they do not provide https unless I pay a premium rate for it and that also I had to jump through hoops to do it myself.

When I migrated to SiteGround in 2018, I paid USD30 for a few of my main sites to ensure migration was properly done while some of the smaller sites I did it myself with their plugin and clear instructions. Over these 3 years, their staff is easily reachable anytime of the day. Due to time zone difference, I usually ended up contacting them after their midnight time and there is always someone who answer my queries. I’ve had issues with plugins and theme upgrades that cause some of the sites to go down. As well as DDOS attacks which ate into my bandwidth causing my site to almost be down. Their staff helped me to resolve and as for the DDOS attacks taught me how to secure my site.

I have read that some site owners are complaining about the steep pricing for renewal and are looking for alternatives. For me, if I find a good hosting company, I would choose to stick to it. It is tiring and troublesome to migrate from one hosting to another, and it takes time to get familiarized with their infrastructure. Time is worth money also. I feel that after enjoying the privilege and good service for 3 years, it is time to pay ….because there are operational costs and you need to have good money to keep good staff.

Of course, I noticed that there are changes in SiteGround. In their postlogin area, they are more actively cross selling additional features, products and services. From my experience in corporate, that is the general direction that all companies would need to take in order to increase profits. The customer service is most important and so long as they do not compromise on that, I am happy with them.

Anyway for the past few years I am prepared to pay USD19.95 per month for renewal. Now that I am renewing at USD17.95, it is lower than what I have expected.

If you are new and trying to decide on a hosting company, I really recommend SiteGround hosting. Beginning you would get a good promotional rate if you sign up:


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