Why posting and sharing on social media is not effective and what you should do instead

You may have been diligently writing guest posts, commenting on other people’s blog, pinning at Pinterest and sharing on your Facebook. Yet, the amount of traffic that comes is so low or negligible.

What should you do?

Other bloggers may suggest that you try the following:

  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Sign up for scheduler app like Buffer or Tailwind (which they would include their affiliate link)
  • Pay for Facebook traffic
  • Create beautiful pins so that there are more repins
  • Do even more guest posts, comment on more blogs and forums

But if the above is taking too much of your time that you do not have time to blog, then my humble suggestion…. STOP all of the above.

Instead, use the free up time and energy to write more awesome content and post more frequently on your blog. Let the organic traffic, which is the most valuable traffic find you.

Why posting and sharing on social media is not effective

The case may be different for everyone. But in my case, I’ve always have little luck when it comes to driving traffic to my blogs via social media platform or being active in forums. There are some traffic but the volume is so low that it is negligible.

Not long ago, I took a good look at my Google Analytics and my social media accounts. Pinterest is highly recommended by bloggers to drive traffic. And when I study the analytics in Pinterest- my pins does get a lot of views. But I get very low volume of link clicks. Perhaps it is because my pins are not pretty enough.

And the suggestion would then be that if I want to improve, I would need to make more beautiful pins, add in tags, follow more people and try to ask to post in groups.

Facebook page is even more pathetic- if I do not pay for traffic, the reach of my post is so low that it is not even worth my time to post anything there.

Finally, I focused on creating new content on my existing blogs. I also revived my older dormant blogs and started adding new content.

In other words, rather than spending time in activities that I do not really favor or add value, I use that time and energy to focus on writing content which is something I am passionate about. I also either redirect or unpublish content that are no longer relevant.

A dormant blog which I started reviving since few months ago is finally seeing 4 to 5 times growth in organic traffic.

In conclusion, there are influencers who go by writing less content but get traffic by promoting the heck out of it. I as well as commenters in YouTube or forums did mention that this method does not work for them. In the end, some went back to creating more fresh content and updating old content which starts bringing more fresh organic traffic.

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