The magic of batching up blog posts

Lately I have discovered the benefits of batching up blog posts instead of writing all blog posts at once. This means that instead of completing one entire cycle from start until the blog post is published, I would perform the similar task in batches.

Typical task of publishing a blog post would involve:

1. Brainstorming for ideas for blog titles and series

2. Preparing the outline

3. Typing the blog post

4. Finding images, labeling and optimize the image size before inserting to the post

5. Checking and proofreading before hitting publish button

The challenges I faced in posting consistently:

In the past, I used to do the tasks for each posts, complete the steps before proceeding to the next post.

Before long, I find myself distracted while moving from one task to the next. As I usually have time to work on my posts at night or in brief pockets of time, I would feel tired and overwhelmed as I look for the images.

It is also when I find myself ended up in YouTube watching videos from my favourite channel. And falling behind of my target and numbers.

Batching work has improved my productivity and motivation

Recently while being distracted again, I learned about batching work, ironically from some YouTube videos. I dawned on me that in fact, I have been batching most of the chores in my daily life. Why didn’t I apply this to my blog?

I experimented with batching… And find that the difference is enormous. I was able to get more done.

For example, within 30 minutes, I was able to edit, rename and upload images for 3 blog posts. Most of the time I find I get tired out because after typing the blog post, I had to mentally switch to the mode of looking and uploading the photos. Which makes it more exhausting and as I break the cycle of writing in order to proceed to the next task, it caused me to get distracted easily.

After I upload the images for the 3 blog posts, which I have already gotten the idea of what to write, all I need to do is to find a time to sit down to type the blog posts at one sitting.

If you find you are lacking focus and motivation, try this method of batching. It really keeps you from being distracted because it prevents you from switching from one task to another which would really impact your productivity, inspiration and motivation.

For example, I have initially drafted this post on my phone when the motivation came to me while I was waiting for someone. I would do a few of such posts till time permits. Then later when I login to my account from my laptop, I would add the images and then do the editing before scheduling the posts for publishing.

By changing to the simple method of batching, I am find myself less distracted, more productive and more focused.

Hopefully this simple little hack would help to make a difference to you as it has for me.

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