Why you should start your own blog (even if you have a full time job)

Even though you have a full time job and do not intend to blog or making a living related to a website, you should still consider starting a blog or a website.

You will never know how your own web presence can come in handy and rescue you in time of need. Don’t get my point? Let me illustrate….

Today, there is increasing no guarantee that we would have a job tomorrow. Many multinational organizations are starting to cut headcount in order to stay afloat and to remain competitive. The market outlook is grey. Often, retrenched employees are not replaced and their job gets distributed to existing staff.

Business that is doing well today may also decline and forced to close one day due to cash flow, lack of sales, etc.

My story:

Even if you hold a stable job, you would never know… sometimes there are unexpected circumstances that requires you to resign. It is such in my situation… I have a stable corporate job doing what I love (knowledge and content management for my company’s intranet). It is not likely that my bosses would fire. However, I had to resign due to unforseen circumstances.

When I resigned, I lost my source of income (as the only source of income for me was my monthly salary). I could not do any jobs that work away from home because I have to be at home most of the time. The reality came when I had to clear my credit card bills totalling a few thousand bucks, some due to recurring payments. How am I to sustain like that?

Then I remembered, I have a few personal blogs. Why not monetize it?

I have been building my personal sites for more than a decade….it all begin as a hobby to create my own website to share my craft creations after I had been so inspired by crafters who started their own website. Eventually my passion evolves  into blogging.

Back to you

My humble advise to you is learn to build your own blog or site even though things are smooth sailing for you. As as a backup plan and for the ‘just in case’.

If anything, a space to call your own in the world wide web would come in handy when:

  • as your marketing tool when you need to look for job or move to a better offer
  • if you need to monetize your blog for side income
  • if you have peculiar interest that none of your friends or family shared. You want to blog about it- you would surely attract many like-minded folks.

However a word of caution…if you are going to use your blog or site as a self promotional tool, then you need to be careful with the contents. Pictures of you being drunken in parties, being negative, speaking in 4 letter words (you know what I mean) should be STRICTLY AVOIDED.


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