When you need to take a break from blogging

When you need to take a break from blogging, take it.

It is not always that we would be fully inspired to keep churning out new blog posts. Even the best of us would find that after a long period of blogging, we just run out of ideas or lose the inspiration to type yet another new blog post.

Throughout my 10 years of blogging, I have been in this situation many times. There would be a period where I live and breathe my blog…. the whole day my mind would be preoccupied with the aspect of my blog from content writing, or tweaking with my theme or navigation.

At times the idea came faster than I could manage to do them. For example, when I decided to create new blogs to cover more specific topics, I had wanted to do a few at the same time.  I had to make myself to slow down to work on one new blog at a time.

There were days when I went without enough sleep, working till the wee hours of the morning. That was now strong my drive and motivation was.

And then…. there are times when I do seemed to lose the motivation to write. The words do not flow out effortlessly. There would be some ideas in my head and then I would turn on my laptop, opening a new post and then could not think of what to write.

Sometimes, you need a break from what you love the most

Over the years, I have learned to understand that this is completely normal. You can call it blogger burnout or simply that you needed a small break.

Recently, this happened again. While I am not particularly active in this blog, I do have other blogs which I am actively posting new content.

But somehow, the flow of words no longer come out effortlessly. I looked at all my post ideas, typed a few sentences and do not know what to write.

How I dealt with the situation

I allowed myself to do something out of blogging.  I  tried rewatching some drama series but could not get past the first 2 episodes. I took some road trips and indulged in other aspect of personal development.

Aside from that I also watched YouTube videos – and discovered some YouTubers that given me new motivation.

It took two days for me to ‘warm up’ back. I came back to my other blogs, made some tweaks and then sat down to write articles.

And I could feel the inspiration coming back.

Can’t do the same with your desk job

In my corporate job, I do face this situation…. when I either feel too tired to squeeze my brain or that I have to send out yet another difficult email communication and do not know how to write it. But because ‘everything is urgent’ at work, I had to do what it takes to force my brain to think and dousing myself with lots of coffee as well as with ‘comfort food’.

With blogging, one thing is that we tend to get lazy because we are only answerable to ourselves. The same thing that happened to me at my corporate job would happened many times fold for a full time blogger/ YouTuber because it is his/her bread and butter.


I just want you to know it is completely normal to run dry of ideas or seemingly lose the motivation to write. If we keep pushing ourselves too much, we may end up pushing our passion out of the window.

That may explain why some people who turned their hobbies into their full time job ended up losing interest or even developing aversion towards what that was once their passion.

If you need a break, please give yourself a break. After a well deserved break, you may surprise yourself by suddenly being able to churn out even better posts and ideas.

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