Access Trade

ACCESSTRADE- How to add campaign links

This post provides the step-by-step on how to locate the affiliate links and embed the links into your blog if you are using ACCESSTRADE network. From the previous post, you would need to be approved by the advertiser before you can link from their page to your blog/website/social media account. Once it is approved, you [...]

How to sign up with ACCESSTRADE

Signing up with Access Trade is free. In this example, I would use the sign up page from ACCESSTRADE Malaysia. You may sign up via this link (affiliate link). Upon clicking on the link, you would be brought to a sign up form in ACCESSTRADE as per below (the forms are similar in each country): [...]

ACCESSTRADE (affiliate network)

ACCESSTRADE is an affiliate marketing network that offers opportunities for bloggers/ YouTubers/ influencers to work with various brands in Asia. For example if you are a blogger from Malaysia, you can sign up as an affiliate for brands like Shopee MY, EZBuy, Dahmakan,, Watson and Lazada via ACCESSTRADE Malaysia. Below is an overview about [...]

Involve Asia vs ACCESSTRADE (Affiliate Networks)

Currently I am signed up on both affiliate networks: Involve Asia and ACCESSTRADE (MY and TH). I know some of you who are considering to sign up as an affiliate may be considering between Involve Asia and Access Trade since both companies seemed similar. What is Involve Asia and ACCESSTRADE? Both the companies above are [...]

ACCESSTRADE affiliate network for Bloggers from Asia (example Malaysia and Thailand)

Recently I signed up with ACCESSTRADE network to become an affiliate in order to promote products by some of their advertisers. I decided to include affiliate links in my blog after realizing that sometimes readers are unable to find products which I wrote about in their area. The only means for them to obtain these products [...]

Can Malaysian bloggers make money from Affiliate Marketing?

When you perform a search on how to make money blogging either in Google or in YouTube, you would see lots of articles/videos that points to affiliate marketing as an easy way to make money blogging. They are able to provide proof that they are indeed making money from affiliate marketing. How about for Malaysians [...]