Can you use Google Sites as a company intranet?

I really do not recommend that you operate your intranet using a free platform such as Google sites or Facebook page. Security is very important because you would have company information that you are publishing on your page. If you build an intranet using Google site, meaning your site is hosted in an external platform [...]

Company intranet- to customise from Sharepoint, Joomla or WordPress?

Company intranet or otherwise known as ebook or information portal is a generally a website with access only made available to internal company staff.  External access is blocked using the company’s internal firewall. If you have been tasked to build the intranet for your company- what platform should you be using? So far, there are [...]

Does the design matters for an intranet to be effective?

I believe if you truly want to make your company’s intranet to be effective and useful, the design is secondary. The most important factor is how useful the content is to the users. Running an intranet is pretty much like running a blog. If the information is not updated, no one would come and read [...]

Setting up an online quiz system for your intranet

Companies most often would be required to have an online assessment system for their staff. There can be due to various reasons: 1. Compliance and adherence Employees especially of larger corporations are required by compliance to understand certain important policies and regulations. For example, most companies who are regulated by governing bodies would require a [...]

How to structure promotion communication and updates in intranet

When your company is launching a campaign on promotions and offers, it is important that the information that is provided is sufficient for your front line staff like sales and customer service to address queries from customers. This information should be available at least about 3 to 5 working days before the campaign is to [...]

Archiving past campaigns/promotions in your intranet

Have your staff ever feedback that they are unable to locate details of past promotions and campaigns? Usually the company’s official website would unpublish or retire the campaign page once it expires. The problem is, expired campaigns would continue to receive inquiries from customers. Customers would always call or walk in to check on following…in [...]

Why you need to archive past emails in your intranet

Right from the start when I started managing staff communication for my division, I made it a point to have all my emails archived. I’ve done this in two of the companies that I work with where I also manage their information portal. Why should you have an email archival system in your intranet 1. [...]